Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Snow 春雪

While most of the archipelago is enjoying spring, with summer lurking just around the bend, Ontake-san still suggests winter. Well, at least in form. I'm in Hawai`i, so I have no tactile sense of the mountain, but surely its snows are heavy with water. The sun, in its increasingly long arc across the sky working to slowly dismantle the labors of winter. Winter does not give in so easily however, rearing its head and gnashing its teeth now and again (particularly this year, where there was a snow storm well into April). Nights too, on the mighty mountain, still belong to winter. But, soon the summer sun will prevail, at least for a few months, as it has for so many years. Its lovely, this child-like wrestling match.

*photo courtesy of the blog 水と緑のふるさと王滝村


wes said...

winter is still gnashing its teeth this year. Ontake got fresh snow yesterday, as did Yari and the Chuo-Alps. It's been one of the coldest Mays I can remember.

Taintus said...

Hi wes,

Thanks for the update. That's amazing! The entire time I was in Otaki, many residents kept saying that the weather was odd. It's going to be interesting to see what new pressures the Earth's changing climates will put on ecological communities.



Leon Koh said...

lovely pictures .. hope you are doing more advventures now.. and wish you do more updates soon

your reader
Leon Koh from singaBore

Taintus said...

Hi Leon,

With encouragement like that. . .I may just get my fingers moving again.