Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Checking back in

Hello? Hello. . .? Anyone still out there?

After too long of a hiatus, I've finally found my way back to the blogosphere.

Not sure what the content of my posts will be from here on out.
I still have plenty to say about Japanese environments, rural communities, forest governance, and the like. But, my mind is wandering to other topics as well. Will have to see what comes out.

Last night found my way to Mardi Gras here in downtown Honolulu. It was an odd mish-mash of Brazil, Cuba, and Nawlins, an oddly appropriate mix. Anyway, I was back home and in bed by 11PM. . .hardly the late-night revelry that the organizers intended, I'm sure. Ah, but such is the life of an over-worked grad-student (am I overworked).

Right, well, I'm back.
Let's leave it at that for now.
There are various papers awaiting my revisions.

Over and out.


Marichiweu said...

Yo, I'm here. Got yr business in my RSS reader, so whenever you're putting down, I'll be picking up. Probably ought to start my blog back up too... said...

Exactly what Marichiweu said - RSS and thinking about picking up my own blog. Maybe you'll be a trend setter ;)

crosbeee said...

loved you story about the Japanese white eye. (couldn't find anyway to comment at the bottom of that story... looking forward to more reports for Otaki... I'm heading back to Tokyo in April, and at last I might get to do my own climb to the summit of Ontake... keep up the blogs, they are interesting!

ted said...

Welcome back mate...