Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to the Mountains

Tonight is my last night in Kyoto for this go around. My time here has been pleasant, but I've been anxious to get back to my fieldwork, so I've been on edge. Perhaps it's more that I'm itching to get back to the hills. I've already begun to fall in love with Otaki. Here in Kyoto I miss the bird's songs in the mornings and the deep blue of the sky as it rides on the blue mountain ridges.

This weekend there is a festival being held in our section of Otaki. There will be lots of food, followed by lots of drink--as is the way of festivals in Japan. I'm just excited to have a chance to meet more people. I need to get started on interviews. . .hard to do in Kyoto.

See you soon Ontake-san!

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