Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"The Wifey"

Today I received a bit of constructive criticism--well, not criticism really, but an honest question--from a person whose opinion I hold in very high regard. This person. . .OK, it was my mom. . .asked why I always refer to my better half as "the wife" or "the wifey" or "the missus", a term that had misogynistic undertones where she was raised.

I don't know that I had ever felt these terms to be misogynistic. . .a bit old fashioned--at best, I thought I was being "folksy". However, I take the point and thank my mom for asking a good question.

My reason for using the terms was, as I said, not misogyny (I'm misanthropic. . .I despise equitably), but my allegiance, I guess, to some unwritten rule I seem to have in my head about not publishing names on the internet. This is likely a Japanese unwritten rule, as privacy is highly protected here.

Don't know that my reason for not using real names makes any sense, but still, not having a good answer to the above question, I've decided that a pseudonym is in order.

So, "the wifey", I hereby dub thee. . ."Chizuko". For those who know "Chizuko"--I hope this will not confuse.

Thanks Mom!


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